Current WorkThe Full Spectrum Centre Limited
Specialist InYin Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Shamanic Energy Healing
Experience17 Years


Nic Malin is a shamanic energy healer, meditation, Yoga and Qigong facilitator who has a passion for sound therapy and music.

Nic is excited to be working with The Full Spectrum Centre Limited. He has have been practising meditation, in various forms for the past 8 years and he is passionate about sharing this gift from the ancient cultures of India, China and beyond. This tool has benefited Nic's life beyond what he thought possible.

Nic hosts three different a meditation or ‘concentration’ classes, Yin Yoga, a slow, meditative form of yoga, focusing awareness on sensations in the body in the form of stretches and stresses. Holding postures for up to 5 minutes gives plenty of time to ‘practice’ concentration. Methods in Meditation, a mini meditation workshop exploring three different forms of the practise. Standing, moving and sitting. Every class looks at new and different ways to meditate, with some guidance and some silence. There are opportunities to share experiences and ask questions. Breathing Space, a relaxation workshop using simple breathing techniques and simple movements of the body to cultivate awareness of the joints and energy channels in the body. Usually exploring a standing or sitting meditation, predominantly based on Qigong meditation practices, this session explores the Chinese system of energy healing and brings to light its simplicity, grace and its effectiveness.

Nic also provides Energy Healing sessions along with his very popular Sound Bath Meditation with an array of world and shamanic instruments (and maybe some classical guitar).