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festive season survival strategies

Festive Season Survival Strategies

Forget Tough Mudder, with Christmas shopping mayhem, financial stress, late nights, too much TV and over-indulging – the festive season can be the most gruelling event on the calendar.


It’s no wonder that nearly every one of us emerges from the festive season with a New Year’s resolution of detoxing, getting fit and losing weight! Surviving 'silly season' is all about preparation.


The festive season is especially problematic for those who take their nutrition and exercise seriously or even for those who just want to come out of the other side not worse off than before Christmas.


Whether it’s the big high calorie meals, the parties, selection box treats, advent calendar chocolates, alcohol or general lack of structure in your week, it’s very easy to lose your way in December.

How to Make Time for Physical Health During the Holiday Season

During the festive season, physical health often takes a back seat. We're so busy with family and friends that we neglect our normal routine. That can leave you feeling run down, lethargic, and uninspired. The holidays are a time of good cheer and celebration. The good news is you can experience that joy and still manage to take care of your physical health.


Choose to make your physical health a priority during the holidays. Take the initiative because you're worth it, and your enjoyment of the holidays depends on it. A commitment to your health will lead you to find the time, and the time spent will provide enough energy and self-confidence to get you through the stressful parts of your festive season.


Get the exercise that your body is used to and that it craves, so you can stay feeling alive. In the midst of all the holiday shopping, get-togethers with friends, and obligations, your workout must be a priority for you to succeed. Be flexible about the days and times of your workouts, but remain firm that you will get your workout in.

Make Time for Your Needs

Even when the festive season is in full swing, family and friends are around one another for only part of every day. You'll have some time to yourself. Use that time wisely and plan carefully to get the most out of your holidays. If you do, you'll surely be able to find time for your workout.

Remind yourself that you'll feel sluggish if you miss your workout. Constantly visualise
yourself enjoying the success that awaits you for attaining your physical goals. Take care of your body, and your body will thank you with the energy to take care of everything else over the holidays.

Free Resources

We've put together a set of cheat sheets and guides to help you minimise the festive ‘damage’ and emerge from feeling healthy and re-energised, while still enjoying the festive season.


We've also put together recipes for three hangover smashing smoothies to help get you back on your feet as quickly as possible, the day after the night before!


  • Booze Busters explores the impact of alcohol on your body and how you can reduce the toll it takes on you physically
  • Hangover Food Super-Heroes looks at how to replenish lost nourishment the day after a heavy night
  • Hangover-Smashing Smoothies – three specially concocted smoothies to help get you back on your feet, the morning after the night before.


In Booze Busters we review what we know about alcohol including why it’s fattening, how our body burns alcohol calories and which drinks we should choose to reduce the toll on our liver.


In our Hangover Food Super-Heroes, we discuss 10 of the best foods that are scientifically proven to help your body recover. It may surprise you to hear that stuffing your face with last night’s take-away, is not the best choice to ensure a speedy recovery from a hangover. Nor is it the healthiest option, as it’s likely to be carbohydrate and fat-loaded which just adds more toxins and stress to your already struggling liver that’s working overtime to try and get you back on track.


We explain why each food on our list is important and how it can benefit your body in the aftermath of a big night.


And lastly, we’ve concocted three recipes that will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible the ‘morning after’!


To download any, or all, of these free resources click on the button below.

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