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Hypnotherapy is a gentle, effective way to explore and understand why you react to things in your life as you do.

Lack of confidence, low self-esteem, procrastination, stress, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias all have underlying reasons and analytical hypnotherapy will identify the issues that we carry with us from our own past experiences.

Stop smoking and weight loss are also easily managed by hypnotherapy. Understanding the emotional influence on smoking and over eating will enable you to update previous messages and habits.

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Analytical Hypnotherapy

Analytical hypnotherapy is a form of hypnotherapy that aims to discover and resolve the root cause of problem or concern, especially emotional, depressive, nervous and anxious issues.

Analytical hypnotherapy is completed by a course of, on average, nine sessions. The first session will be a thorough consultation exploring what brings you to hypnotherapy.

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Weight Loss

If you are dream of having a different body size or shape or feel like you have been on an eternal diet but haven't achieved your goals the hypno-gastric band weight loss programme will help you to make long term lifestyle changes, changing your eating habits and the way you think about food.

During this four-session programme , delivered one to one or in a group setting, you will have a virtual gastric band fitted with none of the discomfort of a surgical gastric band. Moving forward you will consider the reasons for overeating, explore your relationship with food and decide on a regular exercise plan to enable you to get more active.

weight loss

Client Testimonials

This is simple to follow andI do not feel hunry at all. I can tell I have lost weight by the way I feel and how my clothes fit. Not having to weigh myself constantly fits in with my way of thinking and feel right.

Anonymous - Group Virtual Gastric Band Client

I have not had any cravings! Knowing that no foods are banned and I can eat anything that I want to, actually helped to reduce cravings and thinking about sweet foods that I experienced when dieting.

Anonymous - Group Virtual Gastric Band Client

I feel more motivated that I ever have done to lose weight. I lost 5 pounds in the forst week and settled down to one or two pounds since. I feel more energetic and confident to continue to reach my goal.

Anonymous - Group Gastric Band Client

I started my gastric band hypnosis with Catherine last Monday 4th July 2022, it was so amazing, and I have lost 3kg this week, omg I was so delighted, would definitely recommend Catherine 100%, she is such a lovely person and so easy to get on with. can't wait for next results.

Vivienne - Virtual Gastric Band Client

I found Catherine to be a lovely warm person who put me at my ease straight away. I didn't know what to expect but I found the whole experience totally wonderful. I was transported back in time and I actually became a completely different person. This was so real and I know it has removed a block I had about forgiveness. I still feel so much lighter days after my appointment.

Anne - Past Life regression Client

stop smoking

Stop Smoking

If you are sick of the effects of smoking or vaping or concerned about the health and financial impact of smoking or vaping is having on you and your family then this smoking cessation programme can help you to resolve your concerns.

You will receive two 60 minute smoking cessation sessions and supporting mp3 tracks that will help you to remove the self-limiting belief that stopping smoking, or use of an e-cigarette, is difficult and dispel the fears that you have attached to stopping smoking. As a non-smoker you will then be able to enjoy socialising, having a drink, overcome anxiety and begin to enjoy a healthier and less harmful life without cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Past Life Regression

By accessing the forgotten memories in the unconscious mind, you may able to learn who you were in previous lives and make connections with previous experiences and heal in the present by understanding the past.

Maybe you are simply curious about past lives, having feelings of déjà vu, knowing about places you have never visited before or having answers to questions with no previous studying or knowledge of the subject. Exploring previous lives during past life regression may provide you with answers to these questions.

past life regression
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