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How Our Full Spectrum Sound Therapy Project Came To Life

Back in July 2021 something amazing happened, our Full Spectrum Sound Therapy Project came to life!


Call it divine timing, synchronicity, the Universe conspiring, or a combination of all 3.

The Opportunity

After nearly 14 years teaching meditation and over 19 years of energy healing, working with sacred sound an amazing opportunity presented itself.

sound bath meditation

I had always wanted to record something professionally. As chakra balancing is a massive part of my work, both when working one to one with clients, during our popular Sound Bath Meditation events and in some of our vocational training courses such as Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Indian Head Massage it made sense to combine this work with my passion for meditation and sacred sound.

The opportunity to work with 344 Audio who have recently worked on project for one of the largest global spa brands and on my doorstep came out of the blue.


And that’s how the Full Spectrum Sound Therapy Project was born.

The Full Spectrum Sound Therapy Project

I met with Alex and Jack from 344 Audio, a very talented duo who listened and took on board my vision and dream.


The project would firstly, create a new and unique digital sound bath, delivered as a live stream event on Zoom.


Secondly, individual sound therapy sessions for clients to experience face to face or virtually and finally the core audio sessions for our 8 week Full Spectrum Journey Through the Chakras™ program.

In just 3 weeks 7 x 30 minute sound therapy tracks, one for each chakra, a 30 minute digital sound bath and a 60 minute combined chakra sound therapy track where designed, created and delivered.


I am completely blown away by them because Alex and Jack have exceeded all my expectations. They have interpreted my ideas, requirements and criteria in ways I never imagined.

The Sound Therapy Tracks

The tracks are comprised of sound waves and vibrations from various instruments, including binaural beats, chimes, Shamanic drums, Bolon (African string instrument), guitar, singing bowls, flute, gamelan (a traditional instrumental ensemble in Java and Bali), scales, choral and expressive chant vocals. As a result, the tracks provide a deeply relaxing and healing meditative experience.


Each individual chakra track is attuned to the appropriate frequencies and also holds the essence of their metaphysical and elemental properties as well as associations.


Our Full Spectrum Journey Through the Chakras™ tracks take you on an acoustic, sonic journey using frequencies, vibrations and binaural beats specifically designed to help cleanse, harmonise and balance the 7 primary chakras.

The Chakras

These energy centres are vitally important for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. They can easily become unbalanced for lots of reasons, including environmental, social, occupational, intellectual and financial.


The potential benefits of sound therapy and this Full Spectrum Sound Therapy Project are to improve sleep, reduce pain, release tension, manage stress, reduce anxiety, improve focus, spark inspiration and imagination, improve intuition and enable the body, mind and spirit to relax and heal.


The feedback so far has been awesome!


Joanne, one of my chronic pain clients experienced our 30 minute Root Chakra session and this is what she said about her experience…

Joanne Jamieson

"I have been suffering badly with sciatica and was unable to get to the centre for my weekly treatment. So Jo suggested we do something via zoom called The Full Spectrum Journey through the Chakras: Root chakra sound therapy session.

Although I’ve never had anything like this before I was very open to it and lay down comfortably on my bed. At this point my pain was a 7.5 out of 10. I had my headphones on and the music started with the sound of drums. Well I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything like it and it was an experience rather than a session. I had my eyes closed and actually saw in my minds eye a golden light hand go into the area of pain and pull it out. It was absolutely incredible the music just took me somewhere else. Anyway the outcome was I had no pain after at all and I can’t wait to have another session with different chakras with the sound therapy as I suffer with fibromyalgia, arthritis and disc degeneration. I can’t recommend this enough. Thank you Jo I feel honoured that I was the first person to try this therapy."


Melanie Appleyard, fellow therapist said this about her experience of the 60 minute combined chakra sound therapy session…


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